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Designed for tough applications, the MAXAM MS706 Construction Pro is the newest entry to the North American solid skid steer tire category. 

Featuring extra deep tread for longer tire life, the all-new MS706 features a robust tread pattern specifically designed for harsh working applications, including asphalt recycling, road paving, concrete work, and metal recycling centers.

“The MAXAM MS706 uses internal steel reinforcement rings to eliminate wheel slip and offers a balanced performance by combining a smooth ride, terrific traction and extreme durability in one package. Utilizing our industry leading MAXAM 3-stage 100% rubber construction process, the MS706 uses a pure rubber base with a heat dissipating cushion center compound and a solid tread centerline for smoother running on hard ground with better chunk resistance over rough surfaces. The zero-maintenance solid construction also eliminates the threat of flat tires often and downtime caused by punctures or sidewall damage, while also ending the need for time-consuming air pressure checks,” explains Jimmy McDonnell, VP of Sales & Marketing at MAXAM Tire North America.

The tire comes pre-mounted as a complete all-in-one wheel and tire solution, allowing for a quick installation. The MS706 Construction Pro is also demountable for future replacement.



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