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Hankook Tire has released its second-generation line of electric vehicle tires.

The Kinergy AS EV is designed with strengthened handling and optimized noise-reducing capabilities. The Kinergy AS EV is engineered to meet the specifications of today’s electric vehicles as they differ from internal combustion engine vehicles in a variety of ways, including lower engine noise, higher initial acceleration and heavier bodies, by up to 20 percent.

This second-generation tire complements these unique characteristics of electric vehicles to achieve optimal performance and match the driving capabilities of Hankook’s ultra-high-performance tires.

The Kinergy AS EV provides a hyper-low noise environment created with the application of advanced noise reduction technologies including a reduction in a certain frequency that incurs when driving.

Another key improvement to the AS EV is the application of the Aqua Pine compound. This is a resin extracted from conifers and consists of an environment-friendly vegetable oil. This new compound improves performance on wet roads, minimizing tire slips and tread abrasion. The compound also assists handling and braking in all road conditions for improved driving stability.

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