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Giti has introduced wide-based truck tires in the 445/.50R22.5 size.

The Giti GDL633 FS ultra-wide base tire is for the drive axle position and the GTL933 FS ultra-wide base tire is for trailers in long-haul applications in North America.

The GDL633 FS for the drive axle is SmartWay verified and features:

  • Special tread compound for reduced rolling resistance and lower operating cost.
  • Innovative sipe design for even contact pressure that minimizes irregular wear.
  • Rugged lug pattern design for excellent traction and vehicle stability.
  • Seven circumferential groove design which efficiently evacuates water.

The SmartWay-verified GTL933 FS is designed for excellent performance on the trailer axle position.  In addition to the fuel-efficient tread compound, it features:

  • Optimized tread design on the rib edges for minimizing irregular wear.
  • Wide tread design with consistent contact patch pressure for long tread wear.
  • Enhanced tread groove design for minimizing stone retention.

“These new wide-base tires are great examples of the collaborative efforts by our own R&D Center in South Carolina and our global network of R&D centers,” said Armand Allaire, Executive Vice President of commercial sales for Giti Tire (USA) Ltd.


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