Continental Tire Recalls More Than 5,000 Commercial Tires in North America

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The tires involved in the recall are 315/80R22.5 Conti Coach HA3, produced from August 27, 2017, to April 28, 2018 (DOT weeks 3517 to 1618), and sold in the original equipment and replacement markets in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. A total of 3,917 tires are being recalled in the U.S. market, 61 in Canada, and 1,378 in Mexico.

Tires from four production weeks were identified with issues, but Continental is recalling all potentially affected tires from the start of production. The tires were identified as having a potential issue which could cause loss of internal pressure through the sidewall resulting in slow or rapid deflation. The tires are identified with the Department of Transportation (DOT) codes A372 KWUU 3517 through 5317, and 0118 through 1618. Continental has not received any reports of accidents or injuries resulting from this condition.

Continental has notified the appropriate authorities of the details of the recall. All identified tire owners will be notified and informed about the details of the recall and how to receive replacement tires at no charge. Tires with the affected DOT codes should be exchanged immediately. Tires will be exchanged free of charge, including the cost of mounting, balancing, and service fees, through Aug. 31., and on a pro-rata basis after that. Continental is encouraging owners of the affected tires to complete the exchange as soon as possible.

Customers seeking more information, including instructions for identifying affected tires as well as obtaining replacement tires, are asked to contact their local Continental sales representative or the Customer Service team. For the U.S. market, the contact number is toll-free 1-800-726-7113. For Canada, the contact number for English-language service is toll-free 1-800-461-9681, and for French-language service is toll-free 1-800-361-2844. For Mexico, the contact number is 01 800 821 2000. Or visit the Product Recall FAQs page: ci-shortcode.conti.de/fr1j.

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