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Improved consumer experience equals improved profits.

In today’s market, the tire retailer is faced with many avenues of competition, along with savvy consumers who are adept at shopping for value. But what is the value they are shopping for?

Some are shopping for the lowest price. However, that is only one segment of the market and in most cases, it is the least profitable segment.

In today’s shopping equation, the experience is highly valued by many consumers. Many will pay more for the right experience. They are not looking for the deal of the day, or the “el cheapo” tire with a name nobody can pronounce. They want an experience that leaves them feeling satisfied and respected.

The shopping journey

Shopping is a journey that starts with consumer demand and ends with consumer purchase. Many are looking for the best experience between start and finish, and they attach high value to the experience. They will pay more for a great experience. Give the consumer a better experience and you will attract better consumers and earn better profits.

How do you deliver a better experience? Remove or reduce the “pot holes” in the shopping journey. Many pot holes are caused by inefficiencies. Look at the journey a consumer makes when shopping at your store. Some start with a phone call and some start with a store visit. Map out the journey and look at the various experiences that take place, right through to the consumer leaving with new tires on their vehicle. Was the journey efficient, pleasant and quick?

Are you welcoming on the phone? It may be busy, but do not answer, “Jack Rabbit Tire please hold…click.” Invest 10 seconds more with, “Welcome to Jack Rabbit Tire. Please hold, thank you.” Also, say, “Welcome…” to walk-in consumers. You may be surprised how this one word affects the entire experience.

Ask yourself the right questions

Is your website optimized for mobile and does it load quickly? Not sure what this means? Well, you are in bigger trouble than you thought. It’s time to call in expert help.

Is your website easy to navigate with key info on the landing page? Did you use an experienced and accomplished website developer to build your website, or did you save a couple of bucks and go with the kid next door?

Is your store well lit, clean and tidy, with a dedicated consumer washroom that’s equally well lit, clean and tidy?

Are your retail prices in the computer so your counter people aren’t always picking up the calculator to “figure out” the price?

Are display tires tagged with prices so the consumer does not have to navigate the “great price mystery?”

Do you have the right inventory— the high volume SKUs—allowing you to close the sale quickly, with the consumer knowing that their car will be in the next available bay getting the tires installed, and not sitting there waiting for tires to be delivered?

Do you have the right equipment in the shop so that you can turn jobs around quickly? And just in case you’re wondering, the 15-year-old tire changer is not efficient.

Asking these questions may illuminate huge pot holes that need to be fixed.

Once you have identified these, invest in fixing them. Improve the consumer experience and improve your profits.

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