TBC Brands Introduces Sumitomo ST719 All-Position Tire

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The ST719 utilizes the proven tread design of the premium steer ST719SE and provides increased tire wear, traction, and performance.

The ST719 benefits are driven by advanced design elements including high wear performance tread compounds to improve scrub resistance, and a wider tread width for improved retreadability. A successor to the ST718 and ST727, the new, field-tested ST719 pattern features stone ejectors to minimize stone drilling and to protect the tire casing.

“The Sumitomo ST719 is just one of many new products that will be introduced this year as we continue to expand and enhance the Sumitomo family of commercial tires,” said Bill Dashiell, Senior Vice President of the commercial division for TBC Corporation. “We remain committed to offering the most advanced products for performance, durability and safety, while offering dealers a superior profit opportunity and, for fleets and owner-operators, an outstanding product with exceptional value.”

The new ST719 is part of Sumitomo’s S-Tech Design collection that offers the brand’s advanced features for medium truck lines. The latest design elements give the ST719 more miles per 32nd and an extra-wide tread face for increased vehicle stability.

The first size of the tire currently available with an additional eight sizes slated for introduction in July 2018. During the first quarter of 2019, when the line is expected to be completed, a total of twelve sizes will be available for metro and regional applications.

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