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Japanese materials supplier Denka Co. has developed its third high-performance elastomer.

Evolmer can be used as an alternative to hydrogenated nitrile rubber.

Evolmer combines elastomer technologies developed through the production of the other two elastomers, Denka Chloroprene ad Denka ER. Samples have been sent to customers for trial, the firm said, noting that it has received positive feedback so far.

In addition to demonstrating improved flex fatigue resistance in dynamic environments, Denka claims that Evolmer has good mechanical strength, as well as oil and abrasion resistance. Its compression set also remains low at low temperatures.

Evolmer has applications in areas such as automotive, construction machinery, electric equipment, sealants and fiber-treatment materials.

The Tokyo-based supplier plans to produce the new elastomer at its Omi plant in Itoigawa City. A new line will be installed in October, and Evolmer will be released on the market in January. Denka says it expects to achieve sales of 1,500 metric tons per year by 2022.

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