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Goodyear EMTrack enables more accurate tire data collection, real-time reporting, and other benefits.

 Tires can be critical to the success of mining, construction, quarry and port operations, and represent a significant investment for businesses in those sectors.

To help optimize the performance of tires for these industries, Goodyear has launched an enhanced version of its EMTrack OTR tire monitoring system, which is available to Goodyear customers worldwide.

“The completely updated Goodyear EMTrack tire performance monitoring system will enable faster, more accurate collection of critical tire data like tread depth, inflation levels and other indicators,” said Eric Matson, Global Field Engineering Manager, Goodyear.

“The enhanced EMTrack system also offers convenient, cloud-based data storage and more robust reporting capabilities thanks to the addition of the newly introduced Goodyear EMTrack App,” he said. “This will give mining, construction, quarry and port operators an enhanced platform so they can make even more informed decisions about their valuable tire assets.”

Here’s how the Goodyear EMTrack system works:

  • Trained Goodyear tire technicians perform fleet surveys, using a special Goodyear EMTrack scanning tool to capture tire inflation, tread depth and other critical measurements.
  • Tire performance data automatically uploads via Bluetooth to a cloud-based platform for password-protected storage and easy access.
  • End users download the data into easy-to-read, customizable reports that show tire performance.

“Through the Goodyear EMTrack App, a user can view collected tire data and reports simultaneously and in real time, regardless of their geographic location, for complete visibility,” said Matson.

End users can view performance data for their tires across their operation and even zero in on specific tires, calculating cost-per-hour, cost-per-ton and other key metrics.

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