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The Korean manufacturer’s premium performance tire received exceptional scores under ADAC and Auto Bild’s product assessments.

Hankook Tire’s Ventus Prime³ tire has once again achieved outstanding product test results from Automobile Club ADAC and Auto Bild.

The prestigious German Automobile Club ADAC, which conducts product tests seasonally, awarded Hankook’s Ventus Prime³ tire with its highest-standing score of “Good” following its 2018 summer tire test.

The Ventus Prime³ tire was also a standout product during the first round of Auto Bild’s large-scale tire test which tests tires in two stages to determine their performance. Tires with the same dimensions from over 50 brands were chosen for review and underwent extreme brake tests on both wet and dry conditions. This round saw the Ventus Prime³ tire place first among 51 global brands for achieving the shortest braking distance as well as top-level braking performance on both wet and dry conditions.

Following the first test, the top 20 brands were tested with a performance criterion consisting of wet and dry handling, hydroplaning, rolling noise, comfort, rolling resistance, mileage performance and price per kilometer.

Highly regarded as one of the world’s largest and most esteemed product tests within its category, Auto Bild’s recognition of Hankook Tire further attests to the brand’s premium performance capabilities.

Well-designed tires with superior features are extremely beneficial to drivers, with optimal braking performance on all road conditions being one of the most important safety features. All Ventus tire models were designed with this in mind, featuring premium comfort patterns that offer drivers excellent performance while on the road. When Hankook developed the Ventus Prime³’s tread pattern, it focused on providing a balanced blend of performance, comfort, safety and eco-friendly elements.

The premium tire is available to consumers in more than 90 dimensions with tread width from 195 to 245 for the series 65 to 40 and speed indices H-W (210 – 270 km/h), and it is offered for a wide range of passenger cars ranging from compact cars to luxury limousines.

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