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Use a combination of in-store experience and online presence for maximum impact.

There’s no question that online retailing has changed the way we sell. Consumers are more informed than ever, and the majority now research their purchases online before stepping into a store.

But the in-store experience is still paramount. When it comes to major purchases, customers prefer a mix of technology and in-store purchases, according to a study by Forbes and Synchrony Financial.

Here are 10 ways to sell more tires in today’s combination environment.

1. Make your website your online headquarters

Buyers don’t want to be bombarded by emails, and they won’t keep visiting your Facebook page if all you do is relentlessly peddle products. But if they’re on your website, they’re thinking about buying. Use all your other outlets to point to your website, where it can be as hardcore tire-world as you want.

2. Price match

Not only does price matching ensure your customers never feel gouged because they find the same tires cheaper elsewhere, but it really instills a sense of trust. Many buyers start their online search with “tires (town name),” and all else being equal, they’ll go to the nearest retailer.

3. Give your sales people something to sweeten the deal

Empower your staff by offering incentives they can use to close a sale. Once a potential customer is in your store, they want convenience. If you can offer the right products and services at the right price—and they trust you—they won’t want to bother going anywhere else. Consider free tire rotations or discounted alignments.

4. Sell the visit, not just the tires

Use your social media to cover community events, to personalize your staff, to run fun online contests and to make your shop seem like a great place to visit.

5. Offer financing

Tires are a big purchase for many families. Make sure they can afford the best tires to suit their needs. It doesn’t have to be onerous—there are numerous online solutions that can help, including PayPal Credit.

6. Follow up

Make sure your staff are collecting customer contact information even if they don’t make a sale. Don’t rely solely on emails or direct mail—a personal phone call can go a long way.

7. Offer three tiers of pricing

Offering a “bronze, silver, gold” or “good, better, best” pricing structure lets consumers make their own buying decision based on budget, as well as contributing to your reputation as not being pushy or too “salesy.”

8. Get the word out on promotions

Signs in your window and ads in the local paper might still provide a good opportunity to let the public know about seasonal special offers, but digital media is ideal to get the word out quickly about spontaneous specials. When sales are slow, a limited-time offer on, say, sets of four tires can help pick up the pace.

9. Educate consumers

Teach buyers how important tires are to their family’s safety, how much they can save in fuel with good tires, and what they need to know about tread life. Short videos are great. Use YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and have a digital screen in the store with educational videos, including yours, on a loop.

10. Encourage feedback and reviews

Make it easy for your happy clients to leave feedback on your website, or a review online (just make sure you keep an eye on what’s being said). Ensure all your digital addresses are on, or attached to, your invoices.

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