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Yokohama is now supplying its global flagship “ADVAN Sport V105” tires to Germany’s BMW Group.

The new BMW X3, which debuted in November 2017 in North America and will be released gradually in markets around the world, will come equipped with tires in one of two sizes—225/60R18 104W or 245/50R19 105W, the latter of which features Yokohama Rubber’s run-flat technology.

This marks the first time that Yokohama Rubber has supplied tires as original equipment for a BMW model.

The “ADVAN Sport V105” is a high-performance tire developed by Yokohama Rubber primarily for use on high-power premium automobiles. The tire delivers excellent driving performance combined with superior comfort and safety characteristics.

The tires being supplied for the new BMW X3 were jointly developed with BMW and bear the German automaker’s star marking of approval on the tire sidewall. In addition to being selected as original equipment for the BMW Group, the “ADVAN Sport V105” also comes factory-installed on topline high-performance models from other leading global automakers.

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