Yokohama Offers New ‘Dual Marked’ OTR Tires

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Multiple tread patterns and dimensions in the earthmover and loader product line will now have both E and L designations on the sidewalls.

Yokohama will now offer five new OTR tires with dual TRA code designations to handle both loader and transport applications.

The tires with the dual markings are the RB31, RT31/RT31+, RL31, RT41 and RL45. All will feature an E/L designation within the size on the sidewall.

“Dual service markings make a lot of sense because they allow the flexibility for one product to serve two separate service applications,” said Bruce Besancon, Yokohama Tire senior director of OTR sales.” That helps dealers consolidate inventory cost and space, and provides end users flexibility in multi-service, multi-equipment applications.

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