Michelin Introduces TWEEL SSL HST

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Available in the United States, Canada and Mexico, the TWEEL SSL HST provides more longevity on pavement, asphalt and other hard surfaces.

Michelin Tweel Technologies has introduced a Hard Surface Traction (HST) version of its MICHELIN 12N16.5 X TWEEL SSL Airless Radial Tire.  

The TWEEL SSL HST is designed for operators who are involved with construction, transfer stations, waste handling, pavement maintenance or material handling.

The tire offers the advantages of no maintenance, no compromise, and no downtime, since the TWEEL tire requires no air (thereby eliminating the risk of a flat tire).

“The development of this product was in direct response to customer demand,” said Justin L. Brock, Michelin Agriculture’s compact line business manager in North America. “Our customers are looking for a long-wearing, hard-surface solution that also provides traction in off-the-pavement applications when needed.”

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