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Patented solution allows the tire to change shape and footprint from road to field. 

Michelin has developed a “2 in 1 tire” solution that adjusts pressure and usage, allowing farmers to operate more efficiently in the field or on the road. This new technology recently earned the 2017 Innovation Gold Medal at SIMA, the Paris International Agri-Business Show. 

Working at ultra-low pressures while in the field, the tire’s contact patch increases in size up to 20 percent to reduce soil compaction. While working at higher pressures on the road, the tire transforms so that only the central continuous tread band grips the pavement, resulting in a smoother, vibration-free ride, fuel savings and improved safety. 

“It is a privilege to receive the SIMA Innovation Gold Medal on behalf of the dedicated, hardworking teams at Michelin,” said Emmanuel Ladent, Director of Michelin’s Agriculture Business Unit. “The ‘2 in 1 tire’ is a real game-changer. This is the latest in the line of innovative new tire technologies brought to the market by Michelin, such as Ultraflex technology and the Connected tire, and we eagerly anticipate the first presentation of this ‘2 in 1 tire’ at SIMA in March 2017.”

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