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The RB-12 NWS all-season touring tire gets a fresh look, familiar name.

Hercules Tire has announces the availability of the all new Ironman RB-12 NWS, an entry-level all-season touring tire featuring a classic white sidewall design.

The new tire replaces the current white wall tire, the Ironman Touring Pro, and offers enhancements to ride comfort and wet traction, as well as a wider, more eye-catching white band. 

“Introducing the RB-12 NWS allows us to do a few important things with our white wall offering,” said Jedd Emans, Hercules Tire’s vice president of marketing. “We can offer a distinct, classic look with a cleaner, more modern tread pattern and we can incorporate newer technologies into the design and construction to give it better performance. Finally, we felt strongly about rolling our white wall offering under the RB-12 moniker since our RB-12 products have enjoyed so much success.”

Currently available in the U.S., the RB-12 NWS will soon be available in Canada (through National Tire Distributors) in nine sizes covering 14 and 15 inch wheel diameters.

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