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The Plombco team launched their new Stickpro waterless/rinseless wheel cleaner to 2016 SEMA participants in Las Vegas.

The Valleyfield (Quebec) company recently launched the versatile wheel cleaner. Stickpro is specially formulated to quickly remove grease and grime for increased wheel weight adhesion.

Stickpro cleans wheels and eliminates dust and grease quickly and efficiently, which dramatically increases wheel weight adhesion. When used as directed, the waterless/rinseless wheel cleaner is completely safe to use on alloy, steel, aluminum, chromed and clear-coated wheels, in addition to plastic wheel covers.  “This new line of products was designed specifically for adhesive wheel weights, ˮ explained Plombco Marketing Director, Émilie St-Onge. “This new wheel cleaning product is compatible with every type of adhesive wheel weight, which is what distinguishes it from other products on the market. ˮ

“Customers are often commenting that adhesive wheel weights don’t always stick,ˮ adds Plombco Customer Service Director, Robert Champagne. “Surface preparation is the key, which is why we created Stickpro. ˮ


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