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Before you can pursue a goal, you need define it first!

Several years back, an old friend, David Chilton invited me to one of his speaking events. We happened to be travelling in the same city and it gave us a chance to catch up. David’s presentation was great, as usual, but what also stood out for me that day was the presentation from the other presenter, Olympic gold medal winner Mark Tewksbury.

Mark talked of a tour he had of the Olympic facilities while it was under construction, and snuck over to where he would be competing, stood in the spot that was to be the starting line for his race, and envisioned the upcoming completion.

He had a clear image of himself winning gold and reran it in his mind at every practice up to his gold medal winning swim. I liken this to Mark creating his own mission statement to keep him focused on the goal.

Gotta get one!

Everyone should have a mission statement. Can you recite your mission statement? Do you have one?

At our midyear board meetings for the Tire Industry Association, our board adopted a new mission statement that is more reflective of the vision of the TIA, and ties in with TIA’s slogan, “Tire Safety Starts Here.”

“The mission of TIA is to promote tire safety through training and education, to act as the principal advocate in government affairs, and to enhance the image and professionalism of the industry so that our member businesses may be more successful.”

Regional associations

Here are the mission statements from our four regional tire dealer associations in Canada:

The Tire Service Professionals Across Western Canada

Western Canada Tire Dealers (founded 1962) is an association of independent tire dealer professionals and other key players, united to continuously improve the tire industry through enhanced safety, education, training, strong ethics and effective lobbying.

Ontario Tire Dealers Association

We are the voice of the Tire Dealer in Ontario. Our mandate is to promote, educate and represent members in all areas that impact the growth and prosperity of the tire industry.


The Association of Tyre Specialists and Mechanics of Quebec is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring together all companies, distributors and installers working in the area of the tire and mechanical Quebec to protect, manage and develop all aspects of this industry. It offers its members support services, information and training activities in collaboration with various community partners.

Atlantic Tire Dealers Association

The Atlantic Tire Dealers Association (ATDA) is the collective voice of tire dealers in Atlantic Canada. We keep our members informed about advances made in products and changes in the industry which affect their businesses. We promote cooperation between our members and those in other tire industry associations, as well as local, provincial, and national regulating bodies.

If you are a member of any of these associations, you can see that they have your back. That doesn’t get you off the hook though. My challenge to you is to review your mission statement to make sure it is still relevant or, if you don’t have one, start working on it.

As we work on a website for Tire Dealers Association of Canada, we will do the same. Keep your eye out for our new site to make sure I keep up my end of the bargain.

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