John Bean Releases New Wheel Alignment System

John Bean, a Snap-On company, has announced the release of its new Imaging Wheel Alignment System—the John Bean V2000.

Adam Brown, Director of Product Management for John Bean, states that with this new equipment, quick, accurate, quality alignments become affordable as it does not require a big investment.

“We saw a need in the market for an affordable, high-functioning wheel alignment system to help shops keep their wheel alignment business in house and we quickly responded by introducing the John Bean V2000 Imaging Wheel Alignment System,” says Brown. “We used our innovative, patented camera technology to develop a unique configuration of our imaging alignment system that replaces the traditional PC and cabinet aligner with a simple tablet and fixed beam configuration. This creates an exclusive solution that combines uncompromised performance and reliability, as well as compact installation, at a low price.”

According to John Bean, the new economical alignment system has been designed for easy usage, providing confidence to shops that have them. The company states that the equipment does contain legacy technology and limited technology. Instead, it is equipped to perform complete imaging functions, even offering 3-D vehicle measurements such as fast rolling run-out compensation and complete vehicle dimensions. Additionally, the V2000 is less dependent on lift calibration.


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