Hankook Tire Introduces New Tire for SUVs

Hankook Tire has launched its new tire for on and off-road SUVs on September 1—the Dynapro AT2.

According to the company, the tire is designed to deliver optimal performance in all road conditions. Hankook states that it provides a quiet and comfortable ride on-road and a powerful off-road experience.

The Dynapro AT2 is able to provide a quiet on-road drive since it features a noise and vibration reduction design.  Road noise is naturally emitted through the tire’s grooves at the end of floor surface as the side of the block sports a cascading style design. For delivering a comfortable ride, Hankook has equipped the tire with a rubber block chain system which also aids in optimizing the movements of the blocks.

Floor block patterns are organically placed in the tire and the block’s designs are optimized at the end and the side. Both factors contribute towards providing better off-road driving experience. According to Hankook, these features enable the tire to provide better driving power even in snow. The company has added a special carbon black compound with low rolling resistance to the Dynapro AT2 in order to offer better mileage performance.

Hankook Tire states in a release that innovations to such new products are aligned with its aim to establish itself as a leading global leading tire company. The company develops its latest technologies at the Hankook Technodome, its main research facility, and its winter tire test site Techno Trac. Additionally, the company continues to enjoy strategic partnerships with major car brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Porsche, among others.


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