SEMA360: The New SOLUS Legend from Snap-On

The new analyzer provides access to North American, Asian and European vehicles with a simplified interface. Photo: Snap On

One of the new equipment featured at the SEMA360 virtual show is the SOLUS Legend analyzer from Snap-On.

The SOLUS Legend offers sophisticated features, an advanced graphical display and a user-friendly interface that the user can customize. It is quick to get up and running and is ready to work in five seconds. The quick scan and reset key allows you to finish the job quickly.

The tool provides access to all the information that can be easily assimilated to complete repairs according to the processes of American, European or Asian manufacturers with high coverage rates. In fact, data from 47 makes can be accessed for cars produced as early as 1983.

With SureTrack access, the technician can consult a bank of actual repair cases, tips and a focus on parts on a regular basis on the model consulted. This component requires a Wi-Fi connection and up-to-date software.

With an adapter, it can even be used to diagnose motorcycles.

The display, activated by the color touch screen, can be customized to present from one to four graphs simultaneously. It can operate in Wi-Fi mode. It is also possible to print documents from this analyzer through the Snap-on cloud.


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