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Wakefield Canada has announced that it is now offering the Castrol Edge 0W-16, available in both 1 litre and 208-litre drum package sizes.

The company explains in a release that auto manufacturers today are creating engines that operate on lighter viscosity engine oils in order to address the market trend of achieving better fuel economy. It is possible to deliver better fuel economy with lighter viscosity oils since they provide less internal resistance.

Wakefield further adds that as per the latest trends, the fastest growing grade in Canada is the SAE 0W-20 in order the ensure maximum fuel economy. Manufacturers have also started shifting towards embracing oils that have viscosity lower than the SAE 0W-20.

The SAE 0W-16 grade has recently emerged as a recommended oil for 2018 Honda Fit and the 2018 Toyota Camry with the 2.5-litre engine. This particular grade choice is popular with Japanese automakers and has been used in the country for several years now. As such, the Canadian market may expect to see more of it by extension, notes Wakefield.

Additionally, the introduction of lighter viscosity-grade engine oils along with a fuel economy test is to be addressed in the upcoming ILSAC GF-6 industry specifications. Wakefield notes that a specific certification mark may be used to distinguished the lighter grade oils from the traditionally “heavier” grades.

Wakefield Canada has introduced the Castrol Edge 0W-16 oil to cater to the applications that require the new grade. To address the issues of Low Speed Pre-Ignition, the Edge 0W-16 is API SN Plus certified as with all Castrol Edge products.

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