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Exide was proudly displaying many new batteries at their AAPEX booth… and one jumped out—Exide’s Marathon which has more power.

It comes in a couple of batteries and they both have a four-year replacement warranty. Under that warranty, the Marathon provides starting power, added cold performance, added heat protection, power for features & accessories, and a 2x high cycle life. The Marathon Max has all those features but comes with a 3x high cycle life plus it’s start-stop compatible and has absorbed glass mat (AGM) replacement!

Other models were on display as well—the Sprinter Max and Sprinter which have three and two year-replacement warranty respectively plus added heat protection and added cold protection as well as some features and accessories power. The Exide Marathon EFB has many features as well and all batteries mentioned are available through Exide in Mississauga. You can call Exide at 905-817-1773 and get the information you wish about these models or talk with your local Exide representative.

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