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Lights and action were certainly the norm at Tungsram’s AAPEX booth… there were all kinds of lights everywhere!

The NIGHTHAWK LED Sealed Beam was front and centre… the virtually maintenance-free bright, white light. Tungsram says this LED replacement is clearer than standard halogen beams and long-lasting too! They come with a three-year limited warranty.

The NIGHTHAWK LED lights are built tough… they can handle any kind of ride in almost any kind of weather. They’re smart looking too—they have performance and style in addition to exceptional visibility, lasting performance, and are DOT compliant.

Also on display at the their booth were the NIGHTHAWK LED Fog Lamps and the expanded line of Tungsram NIGHTHAWK LED Miniatures. With the expansion to 21 lights, the Miniatures now provide more fits for more vehicles.

AAPEX 2019 gave out awards to companies for best new products and new packaging… and Tungsram won the new product award in the Automotive Lighting sector for their NIGHTHAWK Sealed Beams!

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