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DRiV Marketing and Communications Director, Karen Shulhan, explained the strategy behind the merger, which allows the new entity to leverage the solid reputations of the original brands as a means of kick-starting the new global multi-line distributor of quality replacement parts.

“It also allows us to increase the coverage and marketing of high-end replacement parts, such as our Wagner OEX line of brake components, which are now available for passenger vehicles.” The Fel-Pro line will also be upgraded by the addition of a new line of NextGen Coating premium gaskets.

“Our R+D department is working on several new products which will gradually make their way into our catalogue,” added Karen Shulhan. “I couldn’t be prouder of our new DRiV line of replacement parts, a brand founded on the quality of both its products and services.”

The DRiV marketing director also announced the launch of a new training centre in the GTA, which will complement the company’s existing Garage Guru onsite mobile training service.


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