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WIX Filters has announced the launch of its new WIX XP Cabin Air Filter.

Developed to aid vehicle occupants breathe cleaner air, WIX has designed its new cabin air filter with PUR-AIR technology and multi-layer protection. As explained by the company, there has been excellent growth in the high-performance filtration category with cabin air filters (25% CAGR) and high-premium oil filters (13% CAGR) topping the list.

“WIX Filters recognizes the trends in our industry and the increased demand for filters has created a specific need for a product like the XP Cabin Air Filter,” says Donald Chilton, Director of Product Management for WIX Filters. “We are proud of this product and the innovative technology that makes it stand out.”

WIX has created these filters so that vehicles become safe for those suffering from allergies. According to the company, the filter is equipped with the following features:

  • Particle filter layers that have been added to filter out almost 100% of allergens, such as pollen and dust
  • An activated carbon layer added to absorb odours, gases and pollutants
  • A biofunctional layer to shield vehicle users against odour-causing bacteria and mould growth

“WIX is constantly evolving and growing, learning the latest technology and enacting it in its products,” says Mike Lerch, Brand Manager for WIX Filters. “The XP Cabin Air Filter allows drivers and their passengers to breathe cleaner air, contributing to their overall wellness and wellbeing.”

WIX states in its release that the usual time frame for replacing the filter is every 12 months or after 24,000 km (approx.). However, the company recommends that vehicle users follow instructions stipulated in the vehicle’s manual.

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