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Arnott has announced the release of a new coil spring conversion kit for the Mercedes Benz S-Class (W221 Chassis)—the C-3271.

The product is applicable for model years 2007 to 2013, for versions with AIRMATIC and ADS and without 4MATIC.

Included in the new C-3271 conversion kit are Eibach front and rear monotube sport shock absorbers. As stated by the company, to offer OE-like comfort and handling, the shock absorbers are custom valved for Arnott. The company has also added CNC-machined aluminum seats and powder-coated steel coil springs to the conversion kit. Arnott has designed and the kit in the U.S. and offers it pre-assembled so that it can be easily installed.

To eliminate panel error messages related to suspension, Arnott has added its patented Electronic Bypass Module (U.S. Pat. No. 9,329,917) to the conversion kit as well. Arnott states in its release that it is offering its “industry-leading” warranty coverage for its aftermarket Mercedes conversion kit.

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