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Valvoline has announced the introduction of its first electric vehicle-specific product and service lineup—the Valvoline EV Performance Fluids.

Created to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles (EVs), Valvoline has globally released the following: Valvoline EV Heat Transfer Fluid, Valvoline EV Drive System Fluid, Valvoline EV Brake Fluid and Valvoline EV Grease. The company has stated in a release it will be unveiling EV services in the coming weeks.

“Our technical team has consistently developed products to meet the needs of changing vehicle technology,” said Heidi Matheys, Chief Marketing Officer, Valvoline. “Valvoline’s latest products — combined with upcoming news about additional EV offerings—are indicative of the commitment we have to both our customers and our 150-year tradition of innovation.”

The company has also explained in its release that as the technology evolves, Valvoline will continue to evaluate its product and service line extensions to serve the requirements of the drivers.

“Valvoline has continually invested in products and services for vehicles of the future during our long history, and this has remained true for new EV technologies,” said Craig Moughler, Valvoline Chief Supply Chain Officer and leader of the company’s EV strategy team. “We have maintained a very close technical and commercial relationship with many of the innovative OEM’s in the EV world, ultimately leading to the launch of this new product offering that helps to ensure optimum vehicle performance as EV technologies rapidly evolve.”

As explained by the company, Valvoline has designed its EV Performance Fluids line to aid in increasing battery life and the life of other components of the vehicle, thus enhancing the vehicle’s lifespan.

“We’ve researched, tested and proven this line’s capabilities in our own labs and using real-time data in real-world conditions,” said Fran Lockwood, Valvoline Chief Technology Officer. “That rigorous testing process from our technical team ensures that each EV Performance Fluid meets the highest standards of this rapidly advancing category.”

Valvoline’s EV product lineup is equipped to address issues such as battery temperature variations, powertrain performance, brake system corrosion and seal bearing failure, among other things.

  • Valvoline EV Heat Transfer Fluids: Valvoline has designed this product line to aid EVs in maintaining the optimum temperature for better performance and battery life. The company is offering heat transfer fluids for Battery Applications (BA), Fuel Cell Low Conductivity Fluid (FC), Low Solids (LS) and Charging Application (CA).
  • Valvoline EV Drive System Fluids: This line of products is engineered to address the requirements of multi-speed EV transmissions. As explained by the company, the products provide anti-corrosion, churning loss reduction and electric motor cooling. Valvoline is offering four formulations in this line: EV, a full synthetic; Ultra Low Viscosity, designed to provide long vehicle range and improved efficiency for multi-speed transmissions; Ultra EV, a thermally stable fluid created to deliver low-temperature performance; and EV Traction, suitable for EVs that have traction drive systems.
  • Valvoline EV Brake Fluid: Valvoline has engineered the products in this line to handle high boiling (both wet and dry), noise elimination, brake fade reduction and low viscosity at low temperatures for advanced Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS), Electronic Stability Programs (ESP) and Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in today’s vehicles.
  • Valvoline EV Grease: Valvoline has designed this product for controlling electric conductivity of EV motors and seal bearings.
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