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Continental, has released a new line of ClearContact premium beam windshield wiper blades for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Designed for professional technicians, the new program features quick and easy OE fit and trouble-free inventory. ClearContact wiper blades do not require any adapters and come fitted with the right connection needed for the vehicle. With the program’s 14 front windshield part numbers in stock, shops can cover over 94 percent of passenger cars and light trucks that come in for service. Overall, the number of vehicles in operation in both Canada and the U.S. currently exceeds 258 million.

ClearContact windshield wipers feature front blades that incorporate a full beam design and are available in 14 different part numbers covering lengths from 15 to 28 inches. Rear wipers are also offered and come in 19 different part numbers with lengths ranging from 10 to 16 inches.

The new, advanced beam design of these wipers is designed to maintain even pressure on the blade to deliver consistent performance from edged to edge. Additionally, these ClearContact wipers are designed to resist both UV light and harsh environmental conditions, allowing them to retain flexibility and optimum performance over an extended length of time.

Howard Laster, Executive Director, Automotive Aftermarket North America, Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM) business unit, announced the new ClearContact wiper program and noted, “we are extremely excited about our new ClearContact wiper blades program because it readily complements our leading aftermarket programs and makes us more valuable to our distribution partners, import specialists, and service shops.”

Laster added, “In addition to the selling power and OEM heritage of the Continental brand, our ClearContact wiper blades are ready to use right out of the box, just like our renowned REDI-Sensor TPMS Sensors. There’s no need for adapters or fumbling with the fit. With ClearContact, wiper blade replacement is a fast and easy one-step operation. Plus, the maximum application coverage offered by our minimal inventory requirement makes ClearContact the ideal choice for service shops, tire dealers, and quick lubes.”

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