AAPEX 2019 to Include ADAS Forum for Auto Repairers

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AAPEX has announced that it will be hosting a three-hour advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) Forum in its 2019 event for the benefit of auto repair shops.

The forum intends to equip repair shops with the knowledge to face the challenges and accept the opportunities of repairing vehicles with ADAS features.

A part of AAPEXedu training, the session will be held on November 7 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm in the Bellini Ballroom at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

As explained in a release by AAPEX, in ADAS-equipped vehicles, there might be a need to recalibrate sensors, cameras, radar units and LIDAR units during repairs. The calibration procedures, terms and definitions vary across vehicles since each original equipment manufacturer (OEM) uses a different ADAS calibration process.

The discussion during the first session of the forum will focus on current ADAS systems. Topics to be covered in this session include the investment required for targets, the floor space and technician training requirement for proper calibration, and the new business opportunities presented by these systems. The discussion will be moderated by Chris Gardner, Senior Vice President, Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) and the panellists scheduled to join are Frank Leutz, COO, Desert Car Care and Host of Wrench Nation Car Radio Talk Show and Automotive Service Association (ASA) member; Dave Milne, President, ASE; and John Nielsen, Managing Director, AAA.

A presentation on the subject “Who is Liable When ADAS Systems Are Not Calibrated Properly” will be put up for attendees of the first session. According to AAPEX, the following questions are included in the discussion agenda: What happens when older vehicles are not calibrated? Who audits or checks vehicles after calibration to ensure their ADAS systems work properly? What happens if a shop does not accurately inform customers about their ADAS systems?

As per the agenda for the second session,  key solution providers will look into the future of ADAS. They will also be sharing their insights regarding the next generation of ADAS recalibration tools and techniques that could increase the efficiency and performance level from what it is today. Panellists will discuss the emerging tools and processes that will help in maintaining and calibrating even the most complex sensors. The discussion is to be moderated by Ryan Frisch, Manager, R&D Engineering–EE, Hunter Engineering Company.

Douglas A. Brooks, Manager of Perception Systems at Southwest Research Institute will be giving a different presentation at the event. He will be showcasing the journey from a basic set of ADAS sensors to the immersive perception models that would be necessary in fully automated vehicles of tomorrow.

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