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Harnessing the power of social media can reap big rewards long term.

Today, social media has become a staple of communication. It’s something that every business can’t afford to ignore and has become an effective form of marketing.

Younger generations have grown up on social media, and it has become an integral part of their daily lives.

For those of us that remember the days before social media, it can sometimes seem like a hard concept to grasp, especially when it comes to marketing or advertising products or services. A Facebook ad or 30-second YouTube pre-roll might seem to offer little value to some of us, but for younger audiences they can be highly effective marketing tools.

Not going away

For those who don’t see the value of social media, it’s important to understand that this medium isn’t going away and we all need to be trained to use it effectively which, ultimately, can deliver bountiful results.

Everyone in the automotive business—young or old—needs to accept change. And if you don’t believe that a picture or video post will bring you customers, then you’re probably not fully engaged with your customer base.

Posting on social media often takes just minutes and can be as simple as uploading content with a few clicks, or even letting you direct your advertisement at a specific target market in which you’re able to pick the parameters yourself.

Ultimately, it’s up to the imagination of the business owner or marketing manager to create an effective strategy such as a simple ad that may improve their online presence and gain new business. There are many cases where service providers can easily and effectively use social media to their advantage, from special promotions on parts and service, to customer appreciation events and to education on vehicle safety and maintenance right from the bay, such as uploading images or short videos via a shop Instagram or twitter account.

The key to being successful at it is simplicity. Today, the aim of technology is to create platforms that promote simplicity and efficiency. Yet using it effectively also requires training.

The training involved can range from taking online tutorials, to asking savvy social media users what they are looking for in terms of usability and features.

A range of resources

Additionally, if your social media skills or knowledge are limited, there are also many other resources available through listing providers or even sources such as Yellow Pages.

They often boast packages that enable you to create a webpage and Facebook page and content for a specific fee.

These fees frequently tend to be fairly minimal, and you often have the ability through content publishing to approve ads that are posted weekly on your Facebook or other social media page.

In many cases, the costs for a weekly online ad is around half the price of a print advertisement in the local newspaper or magazine. The best part of these packages is that you get to directly work with a webpage builder who can walk you through the steps of creating an online avenue with a wealth of potential clients and customers.

With the right training, the vast online world becomes a rich resource with which to fuel growth and create successful businesses.

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