Quaker State Launches Synthetic Motor Oil For European Engines

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Quaker State has announced the launch of a motor oil that has been specifically created for European engines—the Quaker State Ultimate Durability Euro Full Synthetic motor oil.

The new motor oil is available with retailers throughout Canada in the viscosity grades—SAE 5W-40, LX SAE 0W-30 and L SAE 5W-30—from July this year.

According to the company, the motor oil is designed to protect modern, turbocharged European engines against wear when compared to industry standard Sequence IVA and also delivers better performance compared to Quaker State Conventional. For better engine performance, the oil has been created to aid in the protection against the formation of sludge and other harmful deposits. The motor oil contains heat-activated viscosity improvers to help maintain oil thickness. It also has anti-wear additives to aid in extending engine life.

Quaker State explains in a release that the company has created this new product since it realized that modern sophisticated European engines need a motor oil that offers protection against wear and helps in improving the engine’s performance capabilities. The company has therefore developed the Ultimate Durability Euro Full Synthetic motor oil to match the power of modern turbocharged engines. The company states that the motor oil has better resistance against engine stress at high engine speeds and under heavy loads, as well as against viscosity breakdown, that may be experienced by European vehicles, high performance vehicles and vehicles when driven in extreme temperatures.

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