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KYB Americas recently announced that it is bringing back its consumer rebate promotion, “Feeling is Believing” this fall.

As part of this promotion, motorists are eligible for a rebate up to $100 if they choose to maintain their vehicle with KYB products from August to September. Additionally, the company has also added its “Earn With KYB” promotion for the benefit of service providers. For every set of four KYB shocks or struts installed during the months of the promotion, they will be able to earn $10.

According to KYB, the company has designed its “Feeling is Believing” campaign to help motorists understand and feel the improvement in vehicle control and stability with KYB’s products.

Motorists have the opportunity to earn the following under KYB’s promotion:

  • $25 on the purchase of sets of four KYB shocks, or two shocks and two struts;
  • $50 on the purchase of sets of four KYB struts or two KYB Strut-Plus units with two shocks or struts;
  • $100 cards for customers who invest in four KYB Strut-Plus units.

KYB explains that “Earn With KYB” is a brand new promotional initiative that service providers will now be able to combine with “Feeling is Believing” to equip vehicles with the optimum capability of handling and control. To avail of the benefit of the “Earn With KYB”, service providers are required to log their sales online throughout the two months. They will receive a Mastercard gift card at the conclusion of this period. Customers and service providers across Canada and the U.S. can benefit from these promotions.

“‘Feeling is Believing’ has become a recognized staple of our National Promotional Calendar, and while we still believe it is important to reward the motorist, we wanted to add an element to reward and recognize service professionals for supporting us,” says KYB Director of Marketing and Product, Aaron Shaffer.

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