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Mitchell 1 has announced the release of the latest version of its ProDemand repair information software, which includes better wiring diagrams.

Intelligent navigation present in the wiring diagrams in the new release takes technicians directly to the specific component diagram in which the related wires get automatically highlighted. In a release by the company, Mitchell 1 states that this improvement has been added to make help technicians look up the exact wiring diagram they need to perform an efficient and accurate diagnosis and repair, both quickly and easily.

The latest “smarter wiring diagrams” are equipped with better navigation for improved user experience and swifter search process time even though the content remains what ProDemand users are familiar with. The tool now takes technicians directly to the diagram for the specific component they have looked up, eliminating the need to scroll through several pages of engine performance diagrams. Besides opening at the component level, the enhanced feature directly highlights the traces.

“With the latest software update, we have expanded the functionality of Mitchell 1’s renowned wiring diagrams to help technicians work more efficiently,” says Gary Hixson, Marketing Manager for ProDemand, Mitchell 1. “These improvements take our wiring diagrams to a whole new level of intelligence and convenience for technicians to streamline the diagnostic process to help them maximize accuracy and productivity.”

The enhanced wiring diagrams also contain the following extra features:

  • Technicians can toggle highlighting of associated wires for each component and do not need to click every wire separately;
  • The software displays complex diagrams with a simplified view. The highlighting is present across all the pages until the wire reaches its termination point;
  • Navigation is streamlined since zoom and orientation carry on across multiple pages;
  • Technicians will still be able to see hidden wires that appear faded instead of disappearing completely when they dive deep into a wiring diagram. This allows the tool to preserve the big picture view without compromising on details.
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