Eccles Grand Opening and Car Smash: A Smashing Success

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Eccles Auto Service announced that the grand opening of its new facility and the charity car smash were both a “smashing success”.

The grand opening of the new six-bay garage at 123 Hatt St. took place on Saturday, July 6. The facility celebrated with an open house with St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation that included  fun games and activities. The highlight of the event was 200 community supporters coming together to pick up a sledgehammer to smash a car for charity. Proceeds from the fundraiser were donated to Margaret’s Place Hospice.

“Dundas is a community that cares. It’s a proud moment when you can bring people together for something that matters. To see, even the little ones save up their allowance money and donate it to take a swing for a great cause…what more can you ask?” remarked Bruce Eccles, multiple store-owner under the Eccles Auto Service banner.

“People know when they come to Eccles Auto Service, we aren’t just servicing their vehicles, we’re helping families and our community enjoy their best life,” said facility owner Scott Eccles.

The Eccles Auto Service Charity Car smash successfully raised $1545 for the Gift of Love campaign for the new hospice. St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation understands that every dollar matters at present, since construction is due to begin soon.

“We’re always open to new creative ideas like Bruce and Scott’s. Once Margaret’s Place opens, our Foundation is responsible for funding a significant portion of hospice operations. Having community members who care enough to get involved will help us support more patients and families.” said Don Davidson, President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation.

Having received such a positive response from the community, Eccles Auto Service has decided to make the event an annual occasion.

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