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KYB Americas announced that it officially launched its parts professional promotion, “Parts Pro Rewards” at the beginning of May.

Through this promotion, KYB seeks to reward counter professionals who are responsible for helping both service professionals and DIYers get the correct parts.

The promotion period is from May 1 to June 30th. Throughout this period, the company gives the opportunity to those counter professionals from the U.S. and Canada to earn up to $450 on a Visa Prepaid Card for different combinations of qualifying products sold.

As per the promotion, the counter people will be eligible to get $5 for pairs of KYB shocks or struts sold on the same invoice and $10 for four KYB shocks or struts sold on the same invoice. Under the category of fully assembled units, they can get $20 for pairs of Strut-Plus per invoice and $25 for the sales of two Strut-Plus and two shocks or struts per invoice.

KYB’s flyer distributed as part of this promotion contains the Parts Pro Rewards tracking sheet. Applicants may keep track of their rewards on this sheet. To be eligible for the rewards, a minimum of four qualifying sales must be completed in any of the required combinations. To claim the rewards, counter people are required to send in the completed tracking sheet along with the store invoices or sales reports to KYB by July 31.

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