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Liqui Moly has introduced new pourers to its additives to ensure that motorists do not accidentally use the wrong additive.

The extra safeguard prevents gasoline additives from entering into diesel tanks and diesel additives from entering going into gasoline tanks.

“This provides additional protection from careless errors with expensive consequences,” says David Kaiser, Head of Research and Development with the German oil and additive specialist.

Modern engines, though efficient, are very sensitive. Using incorrect additives can have devastating consequences. Liqui Moly’s new pourers have been designed with a protective mechanism that car manufacturers install in their vehicles. It is a flap on the fuel tank opening that can open only if a pipe of the correct size is inserted.

The new Liqui Moly additive pourers, therefore, come in different diameters. The diesel additive pourer is big enough to open a diesel tank protection flap but too big for a gasoline tank. Similarly, a petrol tank cannot be opened with a diesel additive pourer.

“It’s an additional safeguard against mistakenly picking up the wrong additive,” says David Kaiser.

Additionally, the pourers are effective even on cars that do not come with protection flaps on their fuel tanks. The additives will be available with both the old and new pourers, until Liqui Moly is able to complete the switch in additive production. As before, the new Liqui Moly additives, will be colour coded to tell them apart—diesel additives come with a red lid, petrol additives have a blue lid, oil additives have a black lid and radiator additives come with a white lid.

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