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Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) has introduced a new absorbent Oil Rug to keep a garage or work area clean and mess free when changing oil.

DEI’s Oil Rug is designed to absorb oily spills and drips quickly to help prevent accidents besides keeping the work space clean. The Oil Rug comes in the following sizes—Small – Part #010750 (12” x 18”), Medium – Part #010751 (18” x 24”) and Large – Part #010752 (29” x 48”).

In a release by the company, DEI says that this simple and inexpensive product may be uses by professional automotive repair facilities as well as personal garage owners to increase workplace safety and cleanliness.

Besides using it during oil changes, DEI’s Oil Rug can be used when performing bench top repairs for small engines, transmissions, and any other small-scale projects that create oily messes as well. The product may be added to the work bench as a necessary safety measure for auto care professionals. Additionally, the Oil Rug can also be placed under motorcycles and cars when they are parked in the garage.

The DEI Oil Rug features completely sealed and welded edges. It has the capacity to hold as much as 16 ounces of oil without leaking before it should be disposed. Each rug comes with a plastic disposal bag. It is currently available in all outlets that sell DEI safety products.

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