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Airtex-ASC has introduced a new line of electric water pumps for automotive applications.

As automakers continue to look for ways to improve fuel economy and efficiency, electric water pumps are becoming more common on modern passenger vehicles.

As a leading supplier of water and fuel pumps for the automotive aftermarket, Airtex-ASC has added electric water pump coverage for 40 million vehicles in operation (VIO).

These new Airtex-ASC electric water pump numbers cover a wide variety of both imported and domestic vehicle nameplates, including BMW, Toyota, Lexus, Volkswagen, Audi, Ford and Lincoln. Each electric water pump is engineered to keep the engine cooling system in peak running condition, delivering maximum coolant flow and durability just like its OE counterpart.

“Electric water pumps are a key component in many vehicles on the road today. Airtex-ASC has combined the best technology with its 80 years of expertise in order to provide top quality coverage to its customers,” said Charles Harris, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Airtex-ASC. “These pumps are not just for engine cooling management, but auxiliary water pumps are also used to cool an array of systems, including batteries in today’s hybrid and electric vehicles.”

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