Philips Lumileds Launches X-treme Ultinon LED Headlights

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Lumileds has announced the release of its new Philips X-treme Ultinon LED headlights in the Canadian market. 

The new headlights are designed to produce a brighter, bolder light to be able to illuminate the road with up to 200 percent brighter light than traditional halogen headlights, delivering an arctic white light for high-end styling that is whiter.

The X-treme Ultinon LED headlight has been engineered around SAE specifications for headlamps and light distribution. Its legal beam pattern focuses down road for a greater seeing distance, in addition to not compromising the safety of oncoming drivers.

Since heat management is important for LEDs, the product features AirCool or AirFlux technology, a small fan that cools the LED modules.

The X-treme Ultinon LED headlight kit has an external driver box that controls the current powering the LEDs. This is provided to ensure that the brightness always stays the same and is not affected by changes in a vehicle’s charging system.

Lumileds has tested the X-treme Ultinon LED headlight against Ingress protection (IP) standards. Its IP65 rating promises a full protection for dust and water splash.

Although the installation process of the X-treme Ultinon LED headlight is not complicated, Philips recommends that a professional do it.

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