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CRP Automotive has introduced three new Pentospeed application-specific, motor oils.

These new lubricants have been formulated to deliver super high performance and high fuel economy. The new Pentospeed motor oils are designed to deliver cutting-edge OEM technology and fulfill the need for modern, technically advanced, high performing engines.

The new 0W-20 Pentospeed motor oils cover over 3 million VIOs and feature the following OE approvals:

  • Pentospeed LL-14—BMW approved for Spec. LL-14
  • Pentospeed VCC—Volvo approved for Spec. VCC RBSO-2AE
  • Pentospeed SP IV—Volkswagen approved for Spec. 508.00/509.00

All three motor oils were developed using the newest additive technology, in conjunction with ultra-high-performance base oil. They have been conceived to offer significantly lower fuel consumption and quicker engine oil circulation to minimize wear on start up.

These new Pentospeed motor oil formulations have been specifically developed for today’s engines that operate under greater stresses, due to forced induction and smaller displacements as well as Stop-Start systems.

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