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Monster Tools has released a new Monster Smoke Leak Detector (part no. MST12050).

Equipped with ceramic heat technology, the MST12050 is designed to be ready for operation in less than 30 seconds.

The MST12050 runs on shop air and features visual air pressure monitoring and control. It also incorporates dual mode technology which allows the technician to use either smoke or air to diagnose vehicle systems.

The MST12050 is designed to pinpoint even the smallest leaks in cooling, exhaust, or EVAP systems. The built-in flow meter locates leaks as small as 0.25 mm (0.010”).

The fixed air pressure rate on the machine is designed to prevent any damage to vehicle EVAP systems. The battery cables and air/smoke hose are also detachable making this unit field serviceable.

The MST12050 machine is designed to enable shops to achieve ROI in as little as 10-15 uses.

Key features include:

  • Ready to use in 30 seconds or less
  • New CERAMIHEAT Technology Lifetime Warranty
  • Dual mode: smoke or air
  • Use ordinary baby oil or mineral oil
  • Weighs only 3.6 kg (8 lbs).
  • Runs on shop air
  • One button operation
  • Built-in visual air pressure monitoring and control
  • Built-in flow meter locates leaks as small as 0.010”
  • Built-in visual flow control (smoke)
  • Detachable battery cables—makes it field serviceable
  • Detachable air/smoke hose—makes it field serviceable
  • Visual monitoring of fuel gauge (baby oil/mineral oil) level
  • Fixed air pressure rate (1.5 psi) so as not to harm the EVAP system
  • Onboard microprocessor—auto 5 minute idle shut off
  • Perfect for EVAP systems, cooling systems, exhaust systems, manifolds, and converters

Comes with: plastic accessory case, baby/mineral oil, EVAP removal tool, EVAP port hose, adaptor plug assortment, cone adapter, LED flashlight, quick start guide

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