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The Automotive Industries Association of Canada has released a new report entitled Labour Market Watch: Gaps, Challenges and Opportunities in the Aftermarket Industry.

The report is recognized as the first study to really take a critical and evidence-based look at labour market challenges.

Some of the key findings in the report include:

In 2017, the total number of people working in 15 occupations in the industry across Canada was 359,015. This number is expected to increase to 407,042 (13.4%) by 2022.

64.9% of the aftermarket labour pool was 30 years of age or older in 2017, while 35.1% was under 30.

Such findings bring into sharp focus issues like having enough people entering the industry at a younger age to gain the training and experience required to replace the highly skilled and experienced people who will leave during the projected growth period.

Other key concerns include demands beyond that.

The AIA study reinforces the concept that, moving forward, industry, government, education and associations must continue to mobilize in a concerted effort to respond to the labour challenges that lie ahead, particularly in light of technological advances such as hybrid, electric and even autonomous vehicles.

This report is free for all industry stakeholders, job seekers, guidance counsellors, employers, frontline workers, government officials, students, and AIA Canada members.

More details can be found here

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