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Spark plug manufacturer NGK, which we met at  AAPEX  Las Vegas, talked about the need to adapt products to meet the stringent requirements of modern engine technology.

While NGK is primarily known for spark plugs, its affiliate, NTK, manufactures ceramic-based components such as oxygen sensors. The NTK sister company is also working on groundbreaking battery technology for use in electric-powered vehicles.

Meanwhile, on the spark plug front, the NGK booth featured the new Ru line of Ruthenium-tipped spark plugs. “Modern engines with higher levels of heat and pressure in the combustion chamber require spark plugs with superior resistance to withstand these additional stresses,” explains NGK representative, Jeff Desveaux.

The new design increases spark precision for improved firing, while offering superior corrosion resistance and increased service life. This new spark plug line, which was launched in Canada last May, covers all vehicle brands and models.

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