Permatex Debuts New Tech-Preferred Products at AAPEX

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A new gasket maker and ThreadLocker line were in the spotlight at this year’s show.

Permatex introduced a number of new products this year at AAPEX. For starters, The Right Stuff 90 Minute now offers the best of both worlds: it is ready to go in 90 minutes (vs. one minute for standard The Right Stuff), but comes in a tube format, which is preferred by technicians. It has the performance of The Right Stuff, but because it doesn’t have the same thickening agents it is available in a handy tube size.

Another new product, ThreadLocker Orange, now offers an option beyond the traditional red and blue thread locking products. “We found that a lot of mechanics didn’t want to use red because it’s considered permanent, and no technician wants to have to take a blow torch to a bolt later on if something goes wrong,” Paco Agrafojo, Director of Marketing for Permatex told CarCare Business magazine. “So in 2019 we’re launching the ThreadLocker Orange, which has the strength of the ThreadLocker Orange, but can be removed with hand tools. It’s the best of both worlds.”

In addition, Permatex is introducing a new 35 gram format for gel ThreadLocker, rolling out next year. This is a new professional size, in a format and with a cap that technicians prefer.

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