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Popular line of products expands to offer more.

“The big news for Mevotech at this year’s AAPEX Show was the expansion of their TTX line of products, which is the company’s “ultra premium heavy duty” line. “These are our top-of-the-line products,” Mike Duggan, VP Marketing & Digital for Mevotech told CarCare Business. “They’re made with heavier materials, better coatings, and are much more resistant to rust and salt.”

The TTX display at this year’s AAPEX shows how the line has grown over the past year.

The line has been around for about five years, but in the last year to a years-and-a-half Mevotech has expanded the product offering. “The TTX line started off focused on working trucks, like F-150s and Silverados, but now we’re starting to expand into fleet vehicles, like Toyota Camry—the vehicles that get a lot of mileage and constant use,” Duggan explained.

“We started out just doing ball joints, expanding into control arms, but now we’re offering stabilizers and tie-rod ends, so we’re offering full platform coverage,” he added. “It’s been really well received in the market, and technicians are now asking for the product.”

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