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If you’re not actively promoting your business on the Internet, you’re missing out.

For the last two years or so, I have been teaching night school classes at a local automotive college. One of the reasons I took this position was what I would best describe as an effort to give back to an industry that gave so much to my family and me. Plus, my wife started taking dance lessons and fitness classes in the evenings, and I was stuck at home watching repeats of “America’s Got Talent.”

Turns out that this part-time gig wasn’t so part-time after all. The facilitator of the college gave me more and more work, and now I’m semi-full-time. I must admit, I miss the business, but teaching makes me feel as though I’m back in the game.

An eye-opener

One of the side effects of teaching is that you have to get back up to speed on what’s going on today in the repair industry. To say the least, it’s been an eye-opener.

Fact: Over 50 percent of the folks that pull into your garage are real customers. That means these folks are ready to do business. Whether it’s for a repair, or buying a car, they have visited the Internet at least three times and have chosen to visit you.

Fact: 70 percent of the growth of your company will come from your own customer base. This means you have won them over, there’s a relationship between the client and your shop, and it’s bankable.

Fact: Newspapers are on life support. I can remember in the good ol’ days when their arrogance was only topped by the cost of placing a 2-inch ad. Take a look at the classified section now. The local rag devotes less that one page to a section that in most cases actually was a section.

On the web

Add all these facts together and they point to one conclusion: The Internet is more important now that ever. So how is your image on the web? Is your site inviting? Do you introduce your staff to the reader? Do you offer discounts or specials on your site? Do you promote the fact that you have a presence on the web?=

Most importantly, are you collecting email addresses from not just your clients, but from anyone you do business with? Are you taking that information and emailing your list of recipients on a regular basis?

Recently, I hired an IT specialist to help us promote our radio show davescornergarage.com. She really opened my eyes to how easy it is to promote your company on the web.

I can shoot a promotional video on my phone, transfer the data to YouTube from the phone, as well as transfer it to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts instantaneously. Take a moment and review your advertising and promotional programs. Keep them up to date and current.

Keep those clients coming!

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