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The October 2018 issue of CarCare Business is now available online. You can flip through it here, but first, a few words from the Associate Publisher of CarCare Business, Shirley Brown.

Do You Treat Others Well?

I just returned from a trip to Newfoundland and my faith in people reached a big high there!

The folks of Newfoundland are funny, polite, fun-loving, proud of their heritage and province, cordial, knowledgeable, very friendly… and that’s just touching on some of their attributes. I can honestly say that I wish all people in Canada shared these attributes.

They must be great to do business with. After all, we’re in a people business and I’m sure they do well in it. Sure you make parts, you sell parts and you use those parts in your shop to fix clients’ vehicles.

But you make these parts for consumers’ vehicles; you sell parts to people in the repair business and the people in the repair business put those parts on clients’ vehicles… people selling to people.

I think we could all learn how to treat others from the people of Newfoundland. Imagine my utter surprise when I wanted to cross the road and vehicles coming from each direction stopped to let me cross.

Not at a marked crosswalk, not at a stoplight, just a simple corner of the road and they stopped to let me cross the street. It’s just what they do!

One taxi driver regaled us with all the parts of the drive we were taking and even got into some history of the island. He answered all of our questions and seemed very glad to tell us what he knew of his city.

Helping others

We could learn a lot from the people of Newfoundland about how to treat fellow human beings. The island is full of history; Newfoundlanders rescued 705 survivors from the Titanic disaster; the island served as a major transportation hub during World War II; and how about the planes full of people that landed there during the 9/11 tragedy? The Newfoundlanders looked after those stranded thousands providing food, accommodation and friendship.

I’m sure other provinces in Canada would come to the aid of people in time of disasters, too, but Newfoundlanders seem to go above and beyond.

I’m honoured to have met the folks I did. I hope I learned something from them and become a better person.

Click here to read the October 2018 edition of CarCare Business

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