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Each new bladder adapter expands to completely seal hoses and pipes in exhaust, intake and turbocharging systems so they can be filled with smoke to check for leaks.

The bladders are used with the HPT 500 High-Pressure Diagnostic Leak Tester for heavy-duty vehicles and turbocharged passenger cars. HPT 500 provides a solution for HD vehicle diagnosis and repair by producing a larger volume of smoke necessary for the larger systems. The machine delivers leak detection smoke at up to 20 psi, producing higher pressures than standard machines and simulates truck boost to safely test with the engine off.

The newly available adapters are: 1.5-inch adapter; 1.9-inch; 2.9-inch; 3.9-inch and 5.9-inch.

The HPT 500 is capable of testing an entire system in 15 minutes, helping technicians to diagnose leaks faster in exhaust after-treatment systems.

With dual operating modes, technicians can alternate between smoke-only and air-only cycles to confirm repairs. The machine also features a flow control valve, remote shut off, a flow rate gauge and system pressure and test pressure gauges. A low operating cost per test makes HPT 500 a valuable investment for fleet owners and shops that service HD trucks.

The bladder adapters are available through Bosch’s distribution partners. For more information, visit BoschDiagnostics.com.

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