Petro-Canada Adds Three DuraDrive Transmission Fluids

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Petro-Canada Lubricants (PCLI) launched three new multi-vehicle transmission fluids in the expanded DuraDrive product line. They offer superior wear protection, stable friction control and anti-shudder durability throughout the fluid life in all recommended transmission types. 

The DuraDrive portfolio of products has been developed to meet transmission requirements across the globe:

  • DuraDrive MV Synthetic ATF (automatic transmission fluid) – available globally
  • NEW DuraDrive Low Viscosity MV Synthetic ATF – available globally
  • NEW DuraDrive CVT MV Synthetic ATF – available globally
  • NEW DuraDrive DCT MV Synthetic ATF – available in Europe and China.

MV Synthetic ATF is designed to meet higher viscosity legacy ATF fluid requirements, while the Low Viscosity ATF fluid is targeted towards newer transmission designs with improved fuel efficiency. DuraDrive DCT MV Synthetic Fluid offers superior protection for DCT transmissions, while DuraDrive CVT MV Synthetic Fluid is the fluid of choice to protect CVT transmissions.

“We’re excited to expand the DuraDrive product line to four transmission fluids, covering most of the transmission types and fluid requirements in the field today – to provide a true multi-vehicle offer,” said Amanda Damen, Category Manager, Automotive, Petro-Canada Lubricants. “The extension of the product line offers a breakthrough in durability performance for multi-vehicle transmission applications by offering optimal friction control and transmission protection across the life of the fluid.”

For more information on the DuraDrive product line, visit: lubricants.petro-canada.com/en-GB/productoverview/brand/DURADRIVE.

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