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Now available in North America, the new tools are covered by OTC’s lifetime warranty.

Designed to aid in servicing cooling, pressure and vacuum systems, these new tools help technicians prevent damage and leaks when diagnosing issues.

The new tools are:

6975 Vacuum/Pressure System Tester: The two-way vacuum/pressure system tester can diagnose leaks in pressure or vacuum systems immediately. The patented design includes a rotary dial and silicon hoses for quick switches between pressure and vacuum test modes.

6976 Cooling System Refilling Gun: The cooling system refilling gun features deep vacuum technology to remove airlocks when refilling the cooling system.  The integrated vacuum gauge automatically tests for leaks. The rubber cones suit both passenger and commercial vehicles with no adapter needed.

6977 Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit: The cooling system pressure test kit provides a universal approach, eliminating the need to search for the right cap adapter. The hand pump features a pressure gauge and a 36” pressure hose with quick-connect. Each of the four adapters includes a Schrader valve to prevent spray when disconnecting.

6978 TestVac Vacuum Test Kit: The vacuum test kit allows for efficient testing and monitoring of many vacuum-operated components. The new kit helps technicians find vacuum leaks, test fuel, engine valves, exhaust valves, door locks, and heating or cooling system performance. The kit also allows for a one-man brake bleeding job.

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